Having this kind of days, I miss us. 
A lot.
I might laugh, happily and all, but trust me, it wasn’t the same.

I miss us.
I really wanted to go up front, act like nothing happened between us, be as usual, but I can’t.

People said things happened for reasons.
And I guess this, whatever happened between the three of us is for some reasons too.
And some of it include showing me that it actually doesn’t matter whether I’m there or not, and at the same time showing how actually this work.

It was me who always go to people first, approaching, and while I stop doing it, I can see no one approach me first, including the two people that I thought differ from others. But no, its not. 

Gosh, I miss them. I miss us. I really did.

But given the circumstances, there’s nothing I can do.

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